Thursday, 1 November 2012

We Will Remember Them

Today marks the ninety-sixth anniversary of the disappearance of the 13th Battalion of the Pennine Fusiliers.

On November 1st 1916, at Harcourt sector on the Somme, 900 men of the Broughtonthwaite Mates vanished in what became known as the Harcourt Event.

The Harcourt Crater, the biggest crater on the Western Front, is a lasting memorial to their fate, a fate film footage, found by a French farmer in 1926, would have us believe had them fighting for their survival on an alien world. 

Today in Broughtonthwaite, as for the past 95 years, wreaths were laid at the foot of the war memorial before St Chads at 7.30am, in memory of those who vanished on this day, at that time, in 1916.

The Heroes of Harcourt. We will remember them.

Friday, 5 October 2012

The Alleyman Book Launch

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 2012  
7.30pm - 9.00pm

THE ALLEYMAN is the third book in the No Man's World series from Abaddon Books.

To celebrate, join author Pat Kelleher and the boys from Abaddon at Fab Cafe in Manchester as we travel to another world where World War One Tommies are trapped on an alien world and must fight for survival.

Tea! Sing songs! Readings! A small nip of something! Buy signed books! Tally ho, we're taking the Best of British to the heathen aliens - ABADDON BOOKS NEEDS YOU!!

Entry is free, so ENLIST TODAY!  come along!

On November 1st 1916, 900 men of the 13th Battalion of the Pennine Fusiliers vanished without trace from the Somme battlefield only to find themselves on an alien planet.
Now Lieutenant Everson finds he must quell the unrest within his own ranks while helping foment insurrection among the alien Khungarrii.
Beyond their trenches, Lance Corporal Atkins and his Black Hand Gang are reunited with the ironclad tank, Ivanhoe, and its crew to face the obscene horrors that lie within the massive Croatoan Crater, a place inextricably tied to the history of the Khungarrii and native urmen alike.
Above it all, Lieutenant Tulliver of the Royal Flying Corps, soars free of the confines of alien gravity, where the true scale of the planet’s mystery is revealed. However, to uncover the truth he must join forces with an unsuspected ally.

 Praise for No Man’s World:
“Meticulous historical detail with a pulse-pounding pulp plot” - Red Rook Review
"Rip-roaring fun from beginning to end" - SFX Magazine
"All the attributes of great pulp fiction, but with a 21st century edge" - Boston Book Bums
"Blazes with action and suspense" - Graeme's Fantasy Book Review
"Abaddon are onto a real winner"  -Total Sci-Fi

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

From WW1 to WOW!

In 1928, two years after the discovery of the silent film showing the Pennine Fusiliers on an alien planet, the British Government secretly funded Nikola Tesla in an attempt to contact the stranded soldiers to no apparent avail.

Almost 50 years later, a SETI research project received a signal.

On August 15th 1977, at the Big Ear Observatory in Ohio, one of the two detectors of the football field-sized array picked up an anomalous signal originating from a dead area of space somewhere in the constellation of Sagittarius.

The Big Ear Radio Telescope

Reviewing the paper logs, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman recognised a strong candidate signal for extraterrestrial communication. He circled the anomaly on the print out and, in the margin, scribbled a note; one word -

Ehman's scribbled remark

The series of numbers, 6EQUJ5,  indicated an extremely powerful radio transmission. It lasted for 72 seconds before fading away. Passing through the same patch of sky minutes later, the second detector found nothing. It was as if the signal had stopped transmitting.

An intensive search for the signal, now dubbed the Wow! signal, failed to find a repeat transmission and the signal has not been detected since.

There are those who believe that the signal was sent in answer to Tesla’s original radio transmissions half a century earlier and perhaps similar in content to those allegedly recorded by the Dutch electrical engineer, Julius Wendigee, at the turn of the last century.

Could the Pennines have been attempting to send a reply? If so, what did the message contain, and why did it suddenly cease transmission? We may never know. However, there are those today who, despite the odds, still listen for English out of the void.

Friday, 24 August 2012

The Shape of Things to Come

Pye Parr's stunning re-creation of an old cinema lobby card from the 1951 film, Space Tommies, itself inspired by the Hepton Footage of the Pennine Fusiliers, now adorns the cover of The Alleyman, the third book in the No Man's World series from Abaddon Books. 
Out 9th October (USA & Canada) and 11th October (UK)

Lieutenant Tulliver of the Royal Flying Corps takes to the air to solve the mystery of No Man's World