Monday, 6 December 2010

Wicked Leaks

Many theories explaining the Harcourt Event exist, from the official (experimental high explosive German mine) to the bizarre (UFO abduction).

The Great Croatoan Working , a perverse and horrific rite, was allegedly performed by a disciple and, later, bitter rival of Aleister Crowley on the battlefields of World War One in an attempt to create a portal allowing elder entities entrance to Earth. Some occult conspiracy buffs claim this ritual to be responsible for the mysterious events on the Somme in 1916, resulting in the disappearance of the Pennine Fusiliers and the creation of the crater itself.

Today, 94 years later, as a result of the recent diplomatic and military leaks on the internet, information has been brought to light concerning  
"mysterious rituals performed by elements of the United States military forces in Iraq".
Reports from Russia  suggest that the US Military may have taken advantage of the Iraq War to conduct secret occult research. They also state that:
"the Americans have constructed a nearly one kilometre circle around their massive excavation."
The diameter corresponds alarmingly to the size of the Harcourt Crater and raises grave concerns that they may have been attempting to replicate the Great Croatoan Working.

Linked to this are subsequent reports  of 'mass suicide' among US soldiers involved in "a rite to open an ancient portal or 'star gate'." Was it suicide, were they driven mad, or were they, in fact, blood sacrifices needed to power the Croatoan ritual itself?

Have the US Military been meddling in unholy attempts recreate the Working of one of Britain's most infamous occultists and reopen a portal to a place where 900 British Tommies were consigned over 90 years ago? And, if so, to what possible end?