Thursday, 12 March 2015

All aboard the Omnibus for No Man's World!

Never mind the Western Front, climb aboard and we'll take you to the Final Front, here on No Man's World.

You've kept the home fires burning and today sees the publication of the collected omnibus edition of No Man's World, from that fine purveyor of pulp fiction, Abaddon Books. Follow the 'Broughtonthwaite Mates' through 800 pulse-pounding petrolpunk pages collecting  Black Hand Gang, The Ironclad Prophecy and The Alleyman together for the first time, along with a whole kitbag of bonus features.

No Man’s World is an unashamed pulp adventure series. It’s trenches and extraterrestrials, bayonets and bug-eyed monsters, as a battalion of WW1 British soldiers and nurses find themselves, and a section of their front line, transported from the Somme in 1916 to an alien world that is hostile in every respect. There, they have to struggle to survive while trying to find a way home. Imagine Charley’s War drawn by Kevin O’Neill.

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