Sunday, 1 November 2015

99 years on

Today commemorates the 99th anniversary of the disappearance of 13th Battalion of Pennine Fusiliers.

On 1st November 1916, 900 men of the 'Broughtonthwaite Mates' went over the top at Harcourt  to attack a German stronghold. They vanished into a gas cloud that cleared to reveal only what became known as the Harcourt Crater, the largest crater on the western front.

The official Government explanation was the detonation of a German mine using experimental explosives, a view generally held until 1926 when  canisters of film found by a French farmer allegedly showed silent footage the battalion fighting for their lives on an apparently alien world. To this day the government denies the Lefeuvre footage as a hoax.

With the hundredth anniversary approaching, perhaps the truth behind the fate of the Pennine Fusiliers will finally be revealed.

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